Your Home

Housekeeping and Organizing

Cleaning your home is our specialty. We’ll take care of some of your most tiresome, time-consuming cleaning chores – so you can live in a clean space without having to lift a finger!

Dust towel racks / toilet paper holder
Dust light fixtures
Sweep floor
Clean / sanitize tub, shower, toilet
Clean / sanitize counter tops
Polish all fixtures
Clean / sanitize sink

Clean Microwave (inside & outside)
Clean stove top & ranges
Wipe down cabinets, counter appliances
Clean counter tops
Clean outside of all appliances (refrigerator / oven)
Polish stainless steel
Clean / sanitize sink
Wash dishes*
Load/Unload Dishwasher *

Change sheets
Dust / polish surfaces / electronics
Vacuum carpet
clean living room
Living Room
Dust / polish all surfaces / electronics
Fluff / organize pillows
Vacuum area rugs / carpet

Living Room/Dining Room
Clean / polish tables & chairs
Vacuum area rugs / carpet